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31st December
written by admin

WOW! Tahun 2010 sudah selesai..
Thanks God for everything in this year..

Begitu banyak yang Tuhan percayakan di tahun ini..
Most of them had I been shared in this blog.. 🙂
Q cuma bisa ngomong: ALL BECAUSE OF JESUS..

Hmm.. Hal terindah di hidupku adalah hidup bersama Tuhan Yesus..
Aku cinta Tuhan Yesus..!

Tahun 2011 adalah the year of increase..
Buatku, terutama increase in loving JESUS and to be like HIM..

Well, I had written my resolution for 2011 this morning.
And I will submit that “proposal” to God in my prayer tonight.
I let HIM “revise” every part that needed to be “revised”.
Jesus is the KING of my life!

Welcome 2011!!! 🙂

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