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11th June
written by admin

These days I had so much thinking about my life purpose..
Suddenly I don’t know what I wanna be.. It just like I lost my purpose of life..
I didn’t know what to do, felt like my life just flows like water without any concrete goals.. Or maybe I had goals, but I wasn’t sure yet about it..
It was true that I have tried to live my best life..
It was also true that I wanted to give the best for my Jesus..

What happened with me..? hmm..

I have shared it with my sister in connect group and she answered with a sweet smile on her face: “It was good that you were thinking about your life purpose.. It meant that you are serious with your life.. Just keep praying..”

It was true!
As a teener, it is the time for me to start thinking about my life purpose, looking for the definite goals to be reached..
Always do the best, of course! But having a definite goal is as important as doing the best..

Yeah, I’m just a young lady who is serious with my life..
And I’m still seeking for God’s will..
I know He is writing my life story, and I’m so curious about what great things He has prepared for me.. ^^
I believe it’s the best and right! 🙂