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5th November
written by admin

I’m so lucky to have so many good friends in my life..^^
Thanks God, U’ve placed them in my life..
True friends -who stay with you in good and bad times- are difficult to find.. Once you find them, you must be thankful because it means: you are lucky! 🙂
Becoming a true friend for others is one of the best thing in life u can do..
Friendship is beautiful..
Thanks Jesus, You gives me a chance to have one..

I love them… I love them.. I love them!!! ^^

4th November
written by admin

Oh no! Mendadak merasa stress…
Minggu ini bener2 menyesakkan..
I wanna go somewhere!!!
A greenie place.. Where I can take a deep breath for a while..>.<

Puji Tuhan selalu ada suntikan semangat dari sana-sini. hehe..
Terutama kekuatan dari Tuhan sendiri. So, masih bisa tersenyum n tertawa di tengah-tengah situasi yang penuh emosi..

Wah.. Q udah membayangkan liburan..
I really need refreshing and shopping!
hehehe… 😛