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31st December
written by admin

Hi everyone! Today I had a really lovely day with my family, how about you?:)
I really thanks God I still have them completely until this very day.
Since it’s new year eve,  so it’s a perfect time to write any resolutions for 2014.
For me, the top list in my resolutions is  to get closer to God, more than before.
Nothing more precious than this!
The next one, I must live healthier, sleep earlier, and gain more weight (8 kgs!)
And then, I really want to be able to drive, but I almost give up. I don’t know why it’s really difficult and scary for me to drive myself.
Moreover, I want to love more!
The other details of my resolutions are written in my private notes:D
So, guys, what’s your top list in your resolutions?
Hope you have a lovely new year eve, too!
God bless you:D

26th December
written by admin

Merry Christmas everyone!!! ^^
Have a great Christmas day with Jesus 🙂

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


13th December
written by admin

There are always good friends in every season of life. Thanks God 🙂

The Piano Insitute team

The Piano Insitute team

10th December
written by admin

Verse 1:
As far eyes off in the sunset
I sweep the snow from my doorstep
I just can’t help but stop and grin
Its like I’m ten years old again

And everywhere I go I can feel it
Some say it moves like a spirit
It falls on us once a year
Like it came on a midnight clear

Pre chorus:
Its all love the season is a gift
When love came down to let us live
Lets open up and let our hearts embrace this moment

For Christmas this year
Gonna make a sound gonna make it loud
For Christmas this year
We’re gonna make some noise let the world rejoice
For Christmas this year, for Christmas, for Christmas this year

Verse 2:
The Laughter starts  before the sunrise
I sneak downstairs at the strike of midnight
And oh what joy it brings to me
The family around our Christmas Tree
And I thank the Lord for His favor
As we sing the songs of the Savior  (our Savior)



Holy holy holy
God is coming near
Unto us a savior’s born
On a midnight clear


8th December
written by admin

Hi, everyone!
Udah ama banget nggak nulis blog. Astaga, kayaknya itu yang selalu q tulis di setiap post pertama setiap bulan di tahun ini.. (benarkah? :o)
Hm, di artikel kali ini, q mau berbagi tentang pelajaran yang q dapat. Ya, sekali lagi tentang arti sebuah pelayanan.

Pelayanan adalah tentang bertanggung jawab atas talenta dan kepercayaan.
Kepercayaan yang dari Tuhan. Kepercayaan dari orang-orang dan pemimpin kita.
Pelayanan adalah tentang memberi, bukan ingin diberi.
Tentu saja, di dalam memberi ada yang namanya bayar harga.
Pelayanan adalah tentang diri yang mau diperbaharui.
Dalam proses pembaharuan, ada yang namanya teguran dan saran.
Dalam teguran, terkadang ada goresan.
Dan di dalam mendengarkan saran, harus ada kerendahan hati.

Pelayanan adalah memberikan yang terbaik.
Bukan menurut takaran orang lain, tetapi sesuai dengan potensi yang dimiliki.
Bukan hanya ketika dilihat orang, tetapi bahkan ketika tidak seorangpun yang memperhatikan.
Pelayanan adalah tentang Tuhan.
Bagaimana berbulat hati untuk mempersembahkan kemuliaan hanya bagiNya.
Pelayanan adalah hati kita.
Pelayanan adalah hidup kita.

Teringat dengan lagu satu ini:
“Semua karena anugerahNya diberikan kepada kita. Semua anugerahNya bagi kita jika kita dipakaiNya”


PAW team