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1st January
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2016 is gone so fast (without writing anything in this blog, OMG, sorry), and now we are entering a new year!
So many things had happened in 2016, especially in my family. Today I just want to share a season in my life in 2016 which probably was the BIGGEST thing I really wanted to share to the entire world.

Here it is!

My biggest struggle in the last 12 years was bringing my family to Jesus, especially my Mom. She is a kindhearted and selfless person, but I knew it is nothing without Jesus. She was born from a family with strong belief on tradition, so it was difficult to take her to church. But since the middle of 2015, she finally wanted to accompany me to church EVERY Sunday. I was so happy that time, especially because she started to be excited when listening to the sermon (but sometimes she was very very sleepy too), she started to pray to Jesus, admitted that Jesus is God, and she was pretty much changed to be a better person. But I also felt there was something missing, she was not being baptized yet. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to explain to her that baptism is a step of faith and true repentance. I was also afraid to ask her to be baptized because I thought it should come from personal willingness. So, I did just keep praying for that.

Then something happened at the beginning of this year, in March to be exact. My Mom, who was already feeling something strange in her stomach for several months, was diagnosed by colon cancer. Me and my family were all shocked. “Cancer” for us sounded so frightening, dangerous, and it was like the worst thing ever happened to our world, to our beloved Mom. It was something that we thought only happened far away there, in somebody-out-there’s life, and not and never in our family.
We were all sad, burdened, and so anxious. All that worst feeling mixed together at the time.

But in the midst of all those feeling, we also felt courageous knowing that it was not the end of the world. And I, personally, strongly believed that everything happens for a reason and God always has purpose! I chose to trust Him more than my mixed feeling.

Long story short, my Mom had surgery and took more than a week to recover and then allowed to return home. A month after the surgery, she had to do chemotherapy which took 12 times in 6 months. Mom had done everything well and now her body is already declared clear and clean (thanks Jesus!) and have to do routine check up to monitor everything (Please keep my Mom in your prayer too, so she will keep being healthy and above all else, growing more in Jesus).

2016 was really not easy for us, but as I mentioned before, God has purpose for everything. And His purpose for my family in 2016 was to bring my entire family into His salvation. And yes He did it! My Mom had decided to give her body and life totally to Jesus and got baptized just 4 days before the surgery. Not only Mom, but also my brother. It was something that I never imagine before, to see my Mom walked by herself into the baptismal pool and being baptized. It was a beautiful and touching moment!

What happened in 2016 was also making our bond as family become stronger. We treasured more every moment with family because we knew that life is short. But we had no worries knowing that everyone who is already receiving Jesus as God and Savior will have eternal life in heaven. No better things compare to it!

So, guys.. I would say for any of you, if you are in struggle for your family salvation, keep praying for that. KEEP PRAYING! Even when you are clueless and see nothing get better. God will make a way, in His own time! It may not always be easy, but it will always be worth it.

Finally, through all the good and bad times in 2016, I could see that God is indeed so faithful, even when we were unfaithful. Not even once He leaves us. He always finish what He has started. He always be there in every season of our life. How lucky and blessed to have such a loving caring God!

Thanks Jesus for everything in 2016.
Let’s get ready for a new year! HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!
God bless you!

Act 16:31 “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved–you and your household.”