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25th September
written by admin

Hi! It is September 24th 2018 and suddenly I really want to start writing actively on my blog like I had already did long time ago. I hope this will be a blessing or an enlightment for anyone who read this.

So, I want to begin with this question first:WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FEAR? I mean, WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FEAR? Something that you truly hope never happen in your life, that make you feel worry, and over thinking about it all the time. If me, it is about losing someone I love. I really scared to lose people in my life. And to be honest, I didn’t realize that it could happened at least once in a day that I would suddenly, out of nowhere, start thinking about people whom I love, hoping that they are all healthy and happy, and strangely end up worrying if they sick, or something bad happen to them and I will never see them anymore. And of course, fear and worry are two powerful weapons to take away my inner peace. And when my peace is gone, I would feel worry and fear even more.

Yesterday night at church I get an answer from God. Never hold anything in this world too tightly than you are holding God. Because anything in this world would change and gone. Yes, ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD WOULD CHANGE AND GONE. People die, situation’s out of control, you’ll never know what will happen next, and things are not forever. But God never change, He is always kind. He never gone, He is always there, and YOU WILL NEVER LOSE HIM.

That’s why I now understand why we should love God more than anything else in this world. Why He should be the purpose of our life. Because if we don’t, we will be broken someday when we lose people or bad things happen. And God loves us too much to see us broken. He wants us to depend on Him always, to hold Him tightly, and to have hope in Him because HE IS SO KIND AND RELIABLE. He knows us best and it is always best to put HIM as our number 1 in everything. At the end of time, it is only between you and God ❤️