22nd January
written by admin

Life teaches me to trust no one
Bible teaches me to trust God alone.
Life teaches me to love them who love me
Bible teaches me to love and pray for my enemies.
Life teaches me to gain more
Bible teaches me to give more.
Life teaches me to be independent
Bible teaches me that I can depend on God.
Life teaches me to be loveable
Bible teaches me that I’m loved, no matter what.
Life teaches me to do more
Bible teaches me that everything has done at the cross.

Life teaches me the good things,
but Bible teaches me the best way to live.

25th April
written by admin

Friendship is the place where you can share your every dreams
It is the place where you find courage and love
Friendship is the place where you feel no shame about your weaknesses
It is the place where you find support and prayer
Friendship is always beautiful, it lasts forever.
It really HAPPENS for the TRUE one!

Bestfriends for life


12th January
written by admin

We will stand at the crossroad
And it’s time to choose our own way
I go mine and you go yours
I’m here and you’re there

But remember..
A heart of a friend will always say:
“Reach your dream, ย pray for me”
“You are happy, I’m glad”
“Never say goodbye, see you someday!”

The crossroad is almost near.
But friendship will always have a room in the heart
Just for you to stay in.

*Kangen berat sama Sally, Sylvina, n Patty ๐Ÿ™

4th December
written by admin

You come into my life with no song
Bringing neither melody nor the lyrics
Without any guitar skill or crystal voice

But you are the song I’m singing
The melody and the lyrics
No need any guitar skill or crystal voice to sing
Just your heart and mine in the rhythm

Thank you for being here in my song
A sweet hum in the morning
Peaceful lullaby in the night
A song of all time

4/12/12 – written special for the one whose name has meaning as crown ๐Ÿ˜€

21st September
written by admin

Ada masa di hidup ini
Kita merasa seorang diri
Sekalipun sebenarnya memiliki banyak hal..

Keluarga, teman, sahabat
Materi, prestasi, posisi
Dan.. masih banyak hal lain..

Terkadang Tuhan mengijinkan perasaan itu datang,
Hanya untuk mengingatkan
Bahwa Dialah satu-satunya yang akan kita miliki selamanya.

Semua hal di hidup ini suatu saat akan berlalu
Tapi tidak dengan diriNya
Kejarlah apa yang terutama di hidup ini.

When all I have is Jesus, it’s more than enough.