27th April
written by admin

You can always be a prayer warrior…
For your nation, your city, your church, your school, for revival!
For your bestfriends, your friends, even for your enemies!
For your father, your mother, your brother, your sister, for your family!
For your leaders, your teachers, also your pastor!
For him or her, for your loved ones..

A prayer transforms.
A prayer means a lot.

4th March
written by admin

Sometimes you have to wipe all your tears away
And put a smile on your face
Say, “I’m strong enough”

Sometimes you just need a little longer sleep
To let your body have a rest
Say, “Tomorrow I’ll be stronger”

Sometimes it’s even enough just to take a deep breath
Say nothing but believe
That He is still God..

31st December
written by admin

Love is..
Giving your best,
Providing the best,
And serving the best.
If it doesn’t, it’s not love.
It’s lust.

Love is..
Never sacrificing others,
It’s sacrificing yourself.
If it doesn’t, it’s not love.
It’s lust!

Love is..
and Purified.
If it doesn’t, it’s not love.
It’s lust!

I learned about love along this year.
Yet, I will still learn about it for a lifetime.
The difference is, the next years I will have a better understanding about love.

Ahh.. Kok tiba2 nulis tentang love ya? 😛

7th October
written by admin

I know it.
I see it.
I feel it.
I admit it.
I don’t like it.
I hate it.
I forget it.
I deny it.
I ignore it.

But I have to welcome it.


21st September
written by admin

Tak seorangpun tahu di mana garis akhir itu berada
Bisa di ujung usia, maupun di tengah
Atau hanya sedikit jarak dari “sekarang”..

Ketika semua berjalan mulus,
Bukan berati garis akhir masih jauh..
Kita hanya tak pernah tahu!

Beban hidup ini hanya sementara
Kesenanganpun hanya sekejap saja..
Oleh karena itu, nantikanlah yang kekal!
Dan bersiaplah..!

Sudahkah Yesus di hatimu?

Inspired by this blogger’s life ->www.amanheart.blogspot.com