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10th December
written by admin

Verse 1:
As far eyes off in the sunset
I sweep the snow from my doorstep
I just can’t help but stop and grin
Its like I’m ten years old again

And everywhere I go I can feel it
Some say it moves like a spirit
It falls on us once a year
Like it came on a midnight clear

Pre chorus:
Its all love the season is a gift
When love came down to let us live
Lets open up and let our hearts embrace this moment

For Christmas this year
Gonna make a sound gonna make it loud
For Christmas this year
We’re gonna make some noise let the world rejoice
For Christmas this year, for Christmas, for Christmas this year

Verse 2:
The Laughter startsĀ  before the sunrise
I sneak downstairs at the strike of midnight
And oh what joy it brings to me
The family around our Christmas Tree
And I thank the Lord for His favor
As we sing the songs of the SaviorĀ  (our Savior)



Holy holy holy
God is coming near
Unto us a savior’s born
On a midnight clear


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