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16th October
written by admin

Hi friends..
Di tengah sibuknya belajar buat UTS, tiba2 nggak konsen..
So, menulis saja deh..:)

Well, q dan teman2 kelas mata kuliah Event Management akan mengadakan sebuah acara untuk meningkatkan kepedulian terhadap kanker payudara, “One Heart for A Cure“, di Royal Plaza, pada tanggal 30 Oktober 2011..
Acara ini bekerja sama dengan Konjen AS n RRS (Reach to Recovery Surabaya), sebuah komunitas khusus untuk survivor n mereka yang peduli dengan kanker payudara..

Honestly, I WAS not too excited about this class project, it was TOO BIG for me..
Until that day

He told us that he had a vision for his students, to see us dare to dream!
He would be willing to do so many things, even in his very-busy working days, to bring the best to this event.. He contacted the artists, made some deals, and many more..
He have shared a lot! And I couldn’t write it all here..
But one thing for sure, you have won, Sir!

Thanks for giving a starting point!

Sekarang, qta bukan lagi mengerjakan sebuah class project, tapi sebuah visi..
Visi untuk membuat Indonesia peduli terhadap kanker payudara!
Together we can!!


  1. Nathan Santoso

    Wow….yes we can….a vision God-given may be too big to grasp, too far to chase, yet only a prayer and a hardwork away to accomplish.

  2. 19/10/2011

    yes Sir!!! 😀

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