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1st January
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Happy new year everyone!
FS’s Blog is coming this new year with a new look!
Hope you like it.. ^^

Well, this is the year of maturity and multiplication.
I’m so excited about this year!
There must be something greater, something more awesome, and something surprising in this year!

Today I had a nice evening with my special one, a nice talk also, but not a nice dinner at all (kapok tidak akan makan di tempat itu lagi). Hahaha..
Di hari pertama ini q diingatkan bahwa keterbukaan itu penting dalam hubungan. Sesusah-susahnya untuk memulai mengutarakan isi hati, tetaplah melakukannya!
Jangan berspekulasi sendiri.
Jangan dipendam sendiri.
Jangan ber-“jangan-jangan” sendiri.
Semua hal jadi lebih baik setelah dibicarakan baik-baik.

Well, tomorrow is gonna be a home-movie time for us. Really can’t wait for it.
Harus bangun pagi buat bersih2 rumah dulu.
So.. Once again, I wanna say to you all:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Give thanks to Lord Jesus for walking with us  along 2012, He is so faithful and glorious!
Have a great year everybody! Be double blessed!

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