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27th April
written by admin

I wonder what I’ve got to be
For You to wanna use me
I do not always have just the right words to say

But You tell me simple things
That I’d love the chance to bring
To a world of people who just simply need You

Doesn’t matter where I’m from, where I’ve been, how far I’ve come
Doesn’t matter where I live or what I have, You are my life
Doesn’t matter who I know or what I’ve done, You take it all
You want me as I am

I could be the one
Someone You’re looking for
I don’t have much to give
Lord, I’m ready
And through You
I could be the one
Whatever You want me to do
I will hold on to
What You say can be done
I could be the one

It is amazing to see
That You chose people like me
Who get off track, fall, crashin’ down to the ground
But that’s when You pick me up
And show Your strength is enough
You can use a broken heart to heal a broken life

Bridge & Reff.

You take the crazy things
You take the weakest things
You use the foolest things
To show Your glory
Lord take my broken heart
Take all of my mistakes
You take all of me
I want to show how great You are

Go to Reff.

If You say it can be done
I believe I could be the one!

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