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29th January
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Holla everyone!
Hari Minggu kemarin aku habis hang out sama sahabat-sahabatku semasa SMA. Bukan pertama kalinya sih, tapi kemarinlah yang paling berkesan. Setelah masing-masing punya pasangan dan punya urusan masing-masing, I realized that our friendship doesn’t change at all. We still pray together before eat, we still laugh out loud at the same jokes,  taking weird photos together, and the most important is we still love each other just like the old times!

How thankful I am to have them!

Eventhough we live kilometers away from each other (Surabaya, Probolinggo, Tulungagung), but we always have time to keep in touch. I mean, we always MAKE TIME for each other. I think that’s the key for a long lasting relationship.

So, here I want to brag them! My precious friends, the best buddies I met in high school. From them I could see myself as a BLESSED one!
I always pray that GOD will continually bless them & bless our friendship & let 2 of my high-quality-single-friends to find their soulmate SOON! HAHA!


(From left to right: Steven, ko Steven,me, Oliph, Meme, & Bonny)


 (From left to right: Me, Oliph, & Meme)

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