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31st December
written by admin

Hi everyone! Today I had a really lovely day with my family, how about you?:)
I really thanks God I still have them completely until this very day.
Since it’s new year eve,  so it’s a perfect time to write any resolutions for 2014.
For me, the top list in my resolutions is  to get closer to God, more than before.
Nothing more precious than this!
The next one, I must live healthier, sleep earlier, and gain more weight (8 kgs!)
And then, I really want to be able to drive, but I almost give up. I don’t know why it’s really difficult and scary for me to drive myself.
Moreover, I want to love more!
The other details of my resolutions are written in my private notes:D
So, guys, what’s your top list in your resolutions?
Hope you have a lovely new year eve, too!
God bless you:D

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  1. Lungpril

    Never give up Fel to drive. Just be confident & say it to yourself “I can drive this car or motorcycle well”.

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