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21st June
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Me n my lecturers, Ms. Desi & Mr. Gatut 😀

Me n friends:)

Me n friends 🙂




Finally! S.I.Kom!
Yeay! Thanks to Jesus for His great blessing in my study.
God is so GOOD!
And also thanks for my lecturers, especially Ms. Desi n Mr. Gatut, and also my close friends for the support.
And of course, HUGE thanks to my dearest koko for everything u’ve done to help me. Love you! 😀

Yeah! This moment is completing the three best moment of June!
My Father is my Provider! THANKS LORD JESUS!
After all these blessings, I once again believe that nothing is impossible, He just has His own time.. 🙂
My desire is to love and honor HIM more!

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