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15th December
written by admin

Hi everybody! I feel really tired these several days. Both physically and psychologically.

Actually I should be thankful for the long holiday (2 weeks!) that is coming on next week. But sadly, I have no exciting plan for this holiday, no where to go, nothing to do. Thinking about my gonna-be-flat-holiday sometimes stressed me out. It’s better to go to work and meet the kids than to be at home doing nothing.

I’m always dreaming of spending holiday going on vacation with my family and my bestfriends. Sharing the laughs and joy for the whole day. Taking pictures until we all tired to pose. Having a heart-to-heart and secret conversation until midnight and fall asleep. Sing and pray together. Oh no! How I miss the old times :,(

Last Friday, I had a great quality time with my bestfriend and we chatted a lot until we almost lost our voices. Too many things happen, too many stories to share. And always, we almost forgot to take picture together. But one thing for sure, we never forget to do a tight hug before we say goodbye.

For me, having a quality time with bestfriends is a medicine that lights up my heart. Then, it cheers up my mind. At the end, it changes my day in a magical way.

But you know, after the day is gone, I miss it again! 🙁

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