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17th December
written by admin

Yeiiiyyy..!! Holiday is coming..
Selesai deh semester 3.. Tapi masih banyak tugas untuk dikerjakan selama liburan.. hehe..
Aduuuh.. Pingin go somewhere green..
Surabaya udah sejuk sih, tapi kurang hijau. hehee..
I’m waiting for holiday from DADDY.. ^^
Well, how about your holiday friends
?? 🙂


  1. recky

    Holiday di kantor.,, 🙁

  2. Lungpril

    paling jalan2 ke mal sama ortu ato tmn. Natalan ke gereja. Msh blm ada rencana bepergian jauh.

  3. 17/12/2010

    ko lungpri: sama q udh ada rncana k luar kota sm tmn2.smoga jadi.hehehe:))

    recky: wah..smangattt reck!! ^_^

  4. 18/12/2010

    kerja, ngurusin organisasi, campjur, KAMA, playanan, jalan-jalan, ngasah skill, n gak klupaan nganter CD filmnya ke tempatmu hahaha

  5. Peter

    Who is Your Daddy?

    Holiday : Prepare for Christmas Event… Help each other…ahaha…

    What will u do fel?

  6. 19/12/2010

    Peter: of course my DADDY is Jesus Christ^_^
    Blm tau sih Ter mau ngapain, yg jelas pingin jalan2 k luar Sby..hehe…
    q kpn hr ngo k mamaku buat yg ke Merapi itu, wahh langsung q dimarahi.hyaa…>.< tgl 27 ya k Merapi??

    Mark: kerja apaan mark??wahhh siip Mark, asah skill pas liburan..hehe..
    wah mark ngrepoti km lek km k tmptku…lwt email g bisa t?:)

  7. Peter

    No I’m going to BALI for sure fel… I’ve cancelled it for holiday with my family for sure… Having a long trip with Friends who i’ve already forgotten them for a long time because of my routines in Campus…kyaaa…:))

  8. 19/12/2010

    Oalaa…g jd ke Merapi toh??
    Wah..How about ur cousin?
    Does he go with u..??haha..bisa2 cerpen online e lanjut di blog.wkwk..
    It’s a blessing to spend ur holiday with ur lovely fams..
    Enjoy it.. :))

  9. Peter

    My Cousin has to follow some of Basketball matches…Maybe He won’t come with us…hahaha…
    Hopefully you will have a wonderfull holiday too with fams or friends…
    May These Holiday can refresh us…Hence, We can focus back to our Routines in the next Semester…hahaha…

  10. 19/12/2010

    yup..that’s right..:)
    I hope I can go to some beautiful places with friends:) hehehehe…

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