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16th July
written by admin

When I choose you,
It means you are special..
You are special in my sight,
You have the special place in my heart,
You are special for me..

When I choose you,
It means I am for you..
I’ll be your best partner
I’ll be your loyal supporter
I’ll be your bestfriend

Together we’ll survive
Through the tears and joy,
The storms and waves,
The up and down,
We’ll pass it through
And let love grows stronger

For God knows what is best
His beautiful plan is for us
Walking together by holding hands
Caring one another in His pure love
Reaching our dreams, together..

When I choose you,
I know it was right..
I know I was right..



  1. 18/07/2010

    nice one ^^

  2. admin

    thx 😀

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